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Arlyn is an experienced, versatile, and professional vocalist for hire.

She has worked in the recording studio with many artists, including...

Brian Sizensky

Joey "Big Note" Stout

Tom Altman

Richard Thomson

AC Steel and The Galvanizers

The Dukes of Destiny

Reverend Chris Marsceill

Chris Mezzolesta (Power Salad) 


She has been hired to sing almost every genre, including  blues, rock, jingles, jazz, comedy, and backing vocals of all types.


Arlyn has a 2 1/2 octave range, relative pitch, a fantastic ear for harmony, a creative edge, and a unique ability to sing in almost any style and color.  Her years of experience in the studio has honed her professionalism and ease in this working environment.  She takes direction easily, with minimal takes. She optimizes her time in the studio, as well as the client's.

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